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Monday, June 12, 2006

Fashion & Color Trends for 2007- 2008

Colors as if blended with clay and applied in dusty layers reminiscent of the Rococo painters Fragonard and Boucher. The auburn-red- and green-honey tints of their allegoric scenes look velvety and precious and at the same time perfectly modern for urban folk. Kitsch and glamour, fashion for fun. Blending unexpected themes. Fresh greens and yellows and copper with faïence blue for a very groomed funky styling.... more at Fashion Trendsetter Color Trends

CBI Color Card for Spring - Summer 2007
CBI Fashion Forecast Spring - Summer 2007
LE CUIR A PARIS Color Card for Spring - Summer 2007
CAUS Fashion Projections for Fall-Winter 2007/08
Lenzing Color Trends Winter 2007/08

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